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Learning Resources

HELM learning resources are in the following three formats. Click on each type to see further details.

50 high quality printed workbooks cover the basic engineering mathematics and statistics teaching of both first and second year students in a typical undergraduate engineering degree course. A significant effort was made to ensure that the workbooks were student focussed and contained examples of engineering applications of the mathematics. Workbooks 1 - 46 contain mathematics and statistics material for engineering undergraduates. Workbook 47 contains a miscellany of Mathematics and Physics related problems and Workbook 48 covers more in depth Engineering Case Studies. Workbook 49 is a Student's Guide and Workbook 50 is a Tutor's Guide.

The CAL courseware consists of online interactive lessons complementing many of the workbooks.

CAA resources provide necessary tools for the formative testing of students by means of large banks of online tests.

If you would like to use any of these learning resources, you or your institution should become a registered user. If you (or your institution) have not signed up yet, then please read about how to become a registered HELM user.

Additional resources were developed by our partners during the HELM project's transferabilty phase. Newcastle University developed video clips to accompany some workbook sections and Salford University produced some acoustic examples to complement the existing engineering examples. HELM also worked with the RESET project to re-engineer some of the CAL courseware.

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