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HELM   Computer Aided Learning (CAL) Courseware

These are online interactive lessons developed using Authorware. Students can access them at any time and anywhere if they have Internet access. These lessons cover the mathematics theory in a form which is easy to understand and includes some worked examples and quizzes. Students can thus work at their own pace and so it is ideal for self-learning too. Given below are three sample online interactive lessons for you to try out.

Click on the relevant hyperlinks below and follow the instructions to open (in a new window) the online interactive lesson. If you have problems in viewing them, you may need to install the relevant Authorware web player plug-in. To download this plug-in and regarding any other difficulties you may have, first consult the CAL help page. For extra help, further details and to access other interactive lessons, please contact the project by email: helm@lboro.ac.uk.

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