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HELM   Computer Aided Assessments (CAA) Resources

HELM supports two CAA regimes for both self-testing and formal assessment.

  • an integrated web-delivered CAA regime.
  • an alternative CD implementation.

Both regimes use QuestionMark Perception (QMP). A CD implementation of the HELM self assessments is available for you to try. It is a stand-alone question bank with 20 assessments on Mathematics. You do not need to have QuestionMark Perception to use this CD. Normally, this CD would run on any PC, if the hardware and software requirements are met. If you already have QMP software at your institution, you could consider using the bank of HELM mathematics questions and design your own tests.

The CD is available to UK Higher Education Institutions for educational use on a not-for-profit basis only. UK Higher Education Institutions have permission to duplicate the CD in house, for use as outlined above. If you would like to try these CD based assessments or need a copy of the question bank, please contact the project.

The following images show a typical test. Click on the first two images to see the full size image, in a new window.

screenshot of a typical question

A typical question

screenshot of a typical results page

A typical results page given when answers are submitted

screenshot of a typical feedback page

A typical feedback screen

For further details, please contact the project by email: helm@lboro.ac.uk .

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Page last updated: November 2006